Days till our first baby

22- In the "cave"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Thank to GOD for giving us a good health and still being in good iman and also as a muslim. This post is my first entry in english and i hope there will be a lot more in the future. Honestly, i'm not good enough to write in english because i not always use this language. If lot of error, feel free to correct it for me. Thank you.

Talking about the title, i think i've reach my limit. As everyone have their limits, me also as a normal human being also having my own maximum level. So, before i'm "exploded", it's better for me to keep myself in my own "cave".

I'm not running away or didn't want to be with you, but i need to be alone for few days. Can I?

Hope you, guys or girls may understand about this. Sometimes, when we need to pull off, just pull off. So, that's why i'm pulling myself off. May be this few days i'm in my own "cave", i'll be just fine as usual.

I do not have any problems, i'm just need to be in my own "cave" taking a good "sleep" and good "rest".

I love you all, boys and girls.

Thank you...

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