Days till our first baby

25- Please!!!!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I think you understand what i mean in my previous post. But seem you still don't get it. Please my dear, just for few days i want to be in my own 'cave'. Please don't make me like what you have done today. I don't want to hurt your feeling and don't want you to hate me, but please, understand why am i being such a person who don't have a gut lately.

I need my 'room' for me to take my'self' away from my'self' for few days only. PLEASE my dear. Please don't do something that i don't want you to do it. Please.....

We have a lot of time during the day now, cause it is summer now. So please, why must you going out during night???? Please think about what have i said to you lately.

Please my dear, please think about you and also about me. Do you like me right now? Are you like me like this? Of course you don't want me being like this. You also don't want to talk to me if i'm talking like a person who don't have any feel to talk right?

Please my dear, please read this and understand it well.. Please.... Please.... Please......

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