Days till our first baby

90- More words than work.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Complaint much, but work less. This what we can do, just complain and complain and again, complain. There is no single work done.

If you want to change something, why not you try to do it rather than just talk and talk? If our bureaucracy we can do it better, why don't we apply it with them, because they also have their bureaucracy in everything.

They listen to us, but without a complaint letter, they can't do nothing except they are the leader. But if they are just employee, how they want to send our complaints to their employer? Think about it.

Just write a letter. Not hard to write a letter, just as simple as you can, but make sure they understand what you want to tell them.

Salam Sayang

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